Hi, I'm Christina

Iā€™m a professional software engineer with experience in application and web development and a fading background in research.

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These pages are notes for my future self, as I’m sure it will need to look up stuff regularly. If you happen to look at them as well and even have suggestions, questions, or found errata, please feel free to reach out.

Want to know more?

šŸ› ļø I love to be a technical enabler. For me, software is a tool that is most valuable when it supports experts to do their job well. I take pride in building and tending this tool, and I especially enjoy working in multidisciplinary settings.

ā˜• Early mornings are for coffee, contemplation, and studying mathematics.

ā˜¢ļø I have a strong interest in nuclear technology and hold a basic certificate in radiation protection.

šŸŒŠ I care about the ocean, love being in the water, and work on becoming a better scuba diver.

šŸš€ I grew up with science fiction and as a result have a hard time to not see humans as a space-faring species.

In the grander scheme of things, I see my place at the foundation for building a better future: properly tending to our legacy - in particular nuclear waste, space debris, CO2 emissions, complex legacy code bases, and biosphere conservation.