Hi, I'm Christina.

I’m a programmer and technical writer, as well as an aspiring mathematician.

These pages are notes for my future self, as I’m sure it will need to look up stuff regularly.

   💾 GitHub + LinkedIn + Medium

   📬 christina@unger.dev

   ️🛠 JavaScript, Java, Julia, Git, Linux

   🌍 Bielefeld, Germany

Interests: nuclear technology, space flight, diving



I deeply care about marine conservation, and volunteering in this field has been among the most inspiring, energizing, and humbling experiences I had. I spent short periods of time with Love the Oceans (Mozambique, 2018) and the Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (Scotland, 2016).

I also consider myself part of Generation Atomic.


If you find errata, have suggestions for learning resources, or just want to share experiences, please feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to chat or meet for a coffee.


This page has a carbon footprint of 0.08 g, and the notebook pages are comparable with those of the Low Tech Magazine.